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Patch 1 for DMA 6.2.1 (i.e. v6.2.1.1) contains code changes to address the following issues: DMA-14416 DMA CDR Reporting - takes too long to create CDRs DMA-14380 Promoting Guest to Chair as they joined resulted in them being dropped DMA-14365 CDR export operation put DMA in unresponsive and inconsistent state. General: Mods are now available on consoles. Added alternative controls scheme for CAT TH357 forklift that allows fork manipulation while driving. Fixed a bug where the player was able to complete cabin delivery just by hovering the cabin over the unloading zone.The flames of controversy are swirling around the Elder Scrolls Online forums thanks to today's release of the Morrowind PTS patch notes. Of particular concern to many players are the large changes being made to resource management and the effect it will have on some classes.