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- As shown below, the c.g. is defined as the axis about which A1y1 = A2y2. c.g. = elastic N.A. A1, y1 A2, y2 About the c.g. A1y1 = A2y2 y1 y2 • For a cross-section with at-least one axis of symmetry, the neutral axis corresponds to the centroidal axis in the elastic range. However, at Mp, the neutral axis will correspond to the plastic ... Surface area of a box. The surface area formula for a rectangular box is 2 x (height x width + width x length + height x length), as seen in the figure below:. Since a rectangular box or tank has opposite sides which are equal, we calculate each unique side's area, then add them up together, and finally multiply by two to find the total surface area. He is curious whether his heated water cools faster than when in a bathtub, and needs to calculate the surface area of his cylindrical tank of height 5.5 feet and radius of 3.5 feet. total SA = 2π × 3.5(3.5 + 5.5) = 197.920 ft 2. Rectangular Tank. The surface area of a rectangular tank is the sum of the area of each of its faces: SA = 2lw ...