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Kitchen, bathroom, and clothes dryer vents that exhaust moist air directly into the attic space instead of outdoors A history of ice dams in the winter (an indication of serious air leaks) Little or no attic ventilation (see Page 4.2 – A Note About Attic Ventilation) Knob and tube wiring (pre-1930), which can be a ire hazard when in The Inscreed Cable has a slightly thicker width of 6mm but is installed directly into a concrete subfloor so has no impact on floor build-up while the DCM-PRO features a system depth of 5.5mm. All heating cables should be installed alongside suitable insulation materials such as our Insulation Boards , which enhance the energy-efficiency of the ... No subfloor under hardwood - a few questions I have an old home in NY (built 1905) with beautiful hardwood floors but without a subfloor underneath. Here's what they look like from the basement: Basement ceiling, no subfloor